Hello, nice to see you on this weblog. I am Kishor and I make my home in Bangalore, in South India.

I created Alloverist because I love cities and I put down everything I know about cities.

In this blog, I write about cities I have personally visited.

Is this a travel site?

I started this off as a travel site, as a journal of what I did. But then I thought I was not creating value by telling what I did in those places.

With this blog, I will provide practical information that will help you use when you travel.

Do I travel full time?

Traveling is not my job. I work full-time at an office or sometimes from my home.

Sometimes, I make long or short trips when I can.

Traveling is part of life I think, not a job. Yes, if you teach people to travel on a budget by selling out a seminar or a book, that’s a nice job to have.

Do I have a job?

Yes used to be a technical writer, now I work as a content/project manager. If you have a project for me, let me know.

Receive updates

What can I do on this blog?

Now, on this blog, you can check out my blog updates, or guide to Bangalore. I intend to create more. Also consider donating so that I can support myself while I come up with more useful content.


There are advertisements on this blog. We will display ads until we look at other monetizing methods. This will take few more years I believe.

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